9 Things Only Found at Cosmic Girls (WJSN) Showcase

Kpopmap met the Cosmic Girls up close and personal at their “The Secret” showcase!

The K-Pop galactic princesses held their “The Secret” showcase today at the Yes 24 Live Hall in Seoul. To celebrate the girls’ 2nd mini-album release, as well as the welcoming of I.O.I’s YooYeonJung – the 13th member, we bring you the short and sweet review of Cosmic Girls’ whole showcase in just 9 short points! For those of you who’ve joined us, you probably saw our live feed of the showcase.

The WJSN girls returned with their fantasy-like comeback of “The Secret”. The girls showcased 3 tracks as well as a time dedicated solely for an in depth interview about themselves and their new album. From intro to phototime, Kpopmap presents the 9 things you can only find at a Cosmic Girls showcase!


Cosmic Girls’ “The Secret” Showcase

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The first and foremost thing that you realize during a WJSN showcase is that the stage is overflowing with youth and beauty. From the first performance of “Mo MoMo”, the second of “Bebe” and to the third title track of “The Secret”, the WJSN girls completely filled up the stage with bright innocence and positive energy. It may be because of their abundance of team members, but the overall atmosphere was absolutely shining with the personalities of each member.



All of the girls were full of energy and poise, but one member stood out from the rest. It couldn’t be helped that YeonJung stood out among the crowd – her stage presence and expressions were on a whole other level. The fact is a definite if you consider all of the extra experience she’s had before her debut as a WJSN. YeonJung participated on the survival program, “Produce 101” and debuted as an I.O.I member. Through her “Dream Girls” promotions and her “Pick Me” promotions, YeonJung gained a lot of experience and know hows on owning the stage!



Although “The Secret” is the group’s title track for their 2nd mini album, the song “Bebe” had captured our full attention even more. The fact was mostly due to all the creative and innovative choreography. Inside the Bebe choreography, the girls perform a routine that resembles a ripple effect and a fountain like performance. Both dances were the cherry on top for the song as it was absolutely adorable, yet so graceful. You have to admit it’s definitely an up perk in being a 13 member group! The ripple effects and the fountain like wonder can only look so majestic when you’ve got a whole lot of members to pull it off.



The Cosmic Girls are definitely a girl group – perhaps the epitome of a K-Pop girl group. With 13 girls gathered together, the stage was absolutely glowing with happiness and girlish charm. With every joke made by MC Lee SooGeunor  another member, the WJSN girls burst into bright laughter. The high key in vibrant tones just made you feel inside. The Cosmic Girls definitely live up to their nickname of a “Vitamin Girl Group”.



We were lucky enough to witness the first live performance of WJSN’s new title track, “The Secret”. The song portrays a love where the girl wishes to confess to her secret crush, but ultimately cannot because of her doubts. Although the girls are still young and without experience of love relationships, each member portrayed the lyrics perfectly, bringing the crowd to amazement. The song paired with its chic choreography is sure to be a mega hit for the girls.



Aside from YeonJung there was definitely a member that was beyond impressive in the performance area. The leader of WJSN, Exy is in charge of rapping, and she seriously slayed during the night. What was surprising about our fearless leader was the change from her fierce hip hop image to the image fit for a lovely WJSN. Exy participated on the 2nd season of Mnet’s “UnprettyRapstar” back in 2015. At the time, Exy appeared in decked out hip hop clothing with a badass attitude to match; however, that image was hard to find tonight as she blended in so well with the other members. Her complete change from an underground rapper to a vibrant idol was very exciting to witness indeed.



She may not be like Exy, the leader and main rapper of the group, but one specific member’s voice pierced our hearts during the girls’ performances. That member was YeoReum. Much like her name, her rapping tone and voice pierced you down to your core like the hot summer. Her cute voice was crystal clear as it popped out among the other vocals, and you couldn’t help but notice the idol. YeoReum was definitely one of the members who proved that she still has much potential and talent for the future.



At the beginning of the showcase, the girls appeared in bright summer skirts in mint coloring. The outfit was a perfect inspiration to coordinate your final summer wardrobe. At the second half of the showcase, the girls changed into a series of beautiful, white and lacy dresses that welcomed the transition from summer to fall. Bright and cool, yet soft and toned, the 2nd wardrobe style was yet another inspiration for the changing of seasons. Beautiful and fashionable. The girls have it all!



To finish off the night, the Cosmic Girls reflected on the sudden rise in popularity and awareness through their recent comeback. Although it’s only been a matter of hours since their new album dropped, the girls have topped music charts as well as charts for the most searched keyword. With so much attention and love raining down on the girls, it seems we have another successful Monster Rookie group in the K-Pop industry! The girls conveyed their overwhelming gratefulness and their determination to work just as hard as they are loved. Congratulations, girls!


Source: http://www.kpopmap.com/9-things-found-cosmic-girls-wjsn-showcase/



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