[Album and MV Review] Cosmic Girls – ‘From. WJSN’

Track List:

  1. I Wish *Title
  2. Baby Come To Me
  3. Say Yes
  4. Perfect!
  5. Hug U
  6. I Wish (Chinese Ver.)

We haven’t heard anything from them since last year, but Cosmic Girls are back with their newest mini-album ‘From.’ The 13-member pop group now has three mini-albums under their belt. The lead single off this one is “I Wish.”

“I Wish” is a bright, plucky pop song. It’s got a breezy, repetitive sound that works in its favor. There’s a sweet bridge, and the chorus is cheerful and ebullient. It doesn’t quite have the catchiness of “Secret” (my high point), but it does have a charm that grows on you the more you listen (which is why “Secret” was so good)

The girls get intergalactic with their new MV “I Wish.” And they do, too. The MV is dressed up with dayglo colors, roiling clouds, rainbows, and all sorts of CGI effects. It’s devoid of any kind of plot or sense, but that is hardly the point, and the effects are well-positioned and well-done. This isn’t ‘Rogue One‘ we’re talking about, but they’re still fun nonetheless.
The dancing looks as if it might be halfway challenging, and they mostly dance during the chorus, which is standard. It’s nothing too elaborate, and they handle it easily.

The line distribution isn’t bad. Most of the girls seem to be evenly represented, which they’ve had problems with in the past. The girls have great puzzled expressions, too, like they are really experiencing what we see on the screen.

Ultimately we’re looking an MV that’s drenched in color and doesn’t stop long enough for you to get bored. It doesn’t look like they’re trapped in a box or a fake town, it looks like spent some money on sets and green screens and decent f/x, which is just as it should be.

Source : http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/01/album-and-mv-review-cosmic-girls-from-wjsn



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